The 20% of lessons that will account for over 80% of your success.


We know that 20% of the things we studied and did as students trying to break into banking, were responsible for 80%+ of the results we achieved.

If you can identify the few things that can make a really big impact on your recruiting chances you’ll save 100s of hours and increase your chances 10x.

Unfortunately, in college we had to spend months trying to work out what were the 80-20 lessons to learn, let alone what were the 80-20 things to do.

As an Inside Investment Banking member, you of course are in luck, because on this page you’ll find the all the 80-20 lessons (and associated actions) laid out for you.  You’ve got the shortcuts you need to hack recruiting!


Want to learn how to break into banking in days, not weeks?

You probably have deadlines coming out the wazoo, a calendar filled with coed-heavy parties and a daily sense of dread about all the prep you need to do to stand a chance of landing your dream job.

Well, that’s why we’ve handpicked the most important lessons from the course and put them all in one place.  Below you’ll find the 20% of lessons that will be responsible for 80%+ of your results.

  1. Want to write your resume in just 30 minutes?  If you’re applying for analyst programs read this: Lloyd Blankfein Jr Resume.  And if you are applying for a summer internship read this one: Louis Winthorpe III Resume.
  2. Want to see a team of bankers break a student’s resume apart and rebuild it from scratch?  Read this: Live Uncensored Resume Review.
  3. Wondering how bankers screen resumes and decide who’s in and out?  Read this: How Bankers Really Screen Resumes.
  4. Having trouble trying to describe your education achievements and work experience?  Read How to Create the #1 Section: Education and How to Write About Past Jobs.
  5. Interested in pumping out your cover letter within the next 10 minutes?  Sounds impossible, but it’s not.  Just copy and replace this: Louis Winthorpe III Cover Letter.  And if you have time read the full cover letter review by us here: Live Uncensored Cover Letter Review.
  6. Dying to find out what banking interviews will be like?  Read this: Investment Banking Interviews Decoded.
  7. Want to step into the interview room – and get that real fly-on-the-wall experience?  Read this: Mock Interview (Fit) Transcript and Mock Interview (Tech) Transcript.
  8. Wondering what bankers are really judging you on in the interview room?  Read this: Secret Selection Criteria Revealed.
  9. Want to know how to answer the #1 interview question in banking?  Read this: Tell Me About Yourself.
  10. Having trouble answering all those mind-f*** questions about yourself?  Read this: About You Questions and Fit Questions.
  11. Tired of stuffing up those weird market/business questions?  Read this: Bank Questions and Market Questions.
  12. Wondering whether you have the education and work results to get into banking?  Read this: Intelligent Student and Work Experience.
  13. Wish you knew exactly what banks wanted to see in you?  Read this: Top 20 Qualities of Baby Bankers.
  14. Tired of trying to work out what you need to do to break into banking?  Read this: 80-20 Recruiting Actions Checklist.
  15. Sick and tired of studying how to get a job in banking?  Read this: Save 100 Hours.
  16. Can’t break into banking through traditional recruiting channels?  Read this: Alternative Entry Strategies.
  17. Not sure if networking is for you?  Read this: Why Networking in Banking Can Make or Break You.
  18. Don’t think you are ready to go out and network with bankers?  Read this: How to Become Banker Friendly.
  19. Want to know how to turn on-campus recruiting into a fruitful experience?  Read this: On-Campus Networking Play Book.
  20. Wish you could get bankers to return your emails and calls?  Read this: Getting In Touch With BSDs.
  21. Trying to use informational interviews to break into banking the smart way?  Read this: Informational Interviews Black Book.
  22. Wondering what the heck junior bankers do all day?  Read this: 39 Tasks of Banking Interns Revealed.
  23. Want to know how investment banks decide which interns to hire?  Read this: Keys to the $100,000 Return Offer.
  24. Tired of trying to work out the key ingredient to a successful internship?  Read this: Summer Loving.
  25. Want to find out how smart interns hack daily work tasks?  Read this: Work Hacks.