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Learn How To Break Into Investment Banking Straight Out of College

Get Exclusive Access To The STEP-BY-STEP System We Used To
Land Interviews, Summer Internships & $100,000+ Job Offers At Bulge Bracket Banks,
WITHOUT Extensive Work Experience Or Perfect Grades.

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From: Richard, Amy & the IIB Team

RE: Break Into Banking System Invitationn

Wed, Jul 9th at 8:07 AM

Dear Aspiring Banker,

How would you like to be interviewing at bulge bracket banks like Goldman Sachs without having extensive work experience, without needing a perfect 4.0 GPA, and without having to spend months schmoozing your way in?

Continue reading, and you’ll discover how to land more interviews, including super day spots, even in today’s market. I’m also going to reveal how to land internship offers, AND how to turn those summer jobs into full time $100,000 offers.

Best of all, using our step-by-step system you will actually start to see your career in banking coming together. You will finally have the confidence to walk into interview rooms and meet-and-greets, and start persuading bankers to hire you.

You may think you’ve tried it all, or seen it all, when it comes to breaking into banking… yet I can guarantee that you’ve NEVER seen anything like what I’m about to reveal to you.

Richard Amy & the IIB Team
– Richard, Amy & the IIB Team

Is This For Me…

What is the Break Into Banking System?

The Break Into Banking System is designed to help students land interviews at investment banks and turn them into job offers for summer internships and analyst programs.

Why a step-by-step system? What’s the significance?

When I was a student trying to break into banking I tried just about everything.  From spending 100s of hours memorizing technical interview questions to studying financial modeling till 3am every night, I tried it.

Unfortunately for all my hard work and hustle, I only ended up being more confused about what it took to impress bankers and land a job in banking.  Worse yet, every book, blog and person I talked to gave conflicting advice.

What I wished for more than anything was to sit down with a group of bankers and have them tell me exactly what to do from start to finish.  The ultimate cheat sheet!

And well, that’s exactly what our course, the Break Into Banking System, is.  Your step-by-step system for breaking into banking

The Problem Is…

Not A Lack Of Intelligence Or Hard Work…

As part of our initial launch of the Break Into Banking System, our email series made an offer for a free 20 minute consultation. Across the team we ended up talking to 126 students in a week. We simply asked each person at the start of the call, “what’s holding you back from landing a job in banking?”

We knew it was going to be crazy intense, but we had no idea how much pain we would uncover.

It turns out that many students are struggling to get their resumes acknowledged, let alone land interview invitations. And even fewer were enjoying multiple rounds of interviews or job offers. Not because they aren’t smart people. And not because they aren’t hard working. Instead, they were simply struggling with how to play the recruiting game:

Students said things like…

“I’ve submitted my resume to 30+ banks, but haven’t received 1 single reply”
“I’m from a non-target school…no banks are interviewing here, I have no idea how to get noticed”
“I have no finance experience at all”
“My GPA is low…and I don’t have time to improve it”
“I’m an international student – recruiters don’t seem to appreciate my work experience and it seems like such a closed off industry”

From some luckier students we heard…

“I’m landing interviews, but I always end up messing something up – bankers seem to be almost confrontational and are asking so many tough questions”
“I’m meeting heaps of bankers at events, but I have no idea how to convert these into follow up calls”
“I had a summer internship, but didn’t get asked to stay on…now what?!”

…don’t worry.

We suffered the same problems when we were students trying to break into banking and we managed to overcome them.

In fact, we built the Break Into Banking System from the ground up to help students just like you deal with these annoying problems, beat the odds and break into banking.

For example, here’s the Questions & Answers bank in the course, which answers 72 of the biggest questions students ask.

If that looks like the type of info you need to know to push ahead with recruiting and get closer to the $100k offer then this course is for you.


Introducing the Break Into Banking System

The Break Into Banking System is a multimedia online training course that teaches you the 6 skills you need to break into investment banking. There’s HD videos, resume/cover letter samples and templates, interview transcripts, an audio course, and much more.

[Module 1]: Create a Resume Bankers Love

  1. Bankers carefully read your resume, right? Wrong! We’ll show you how long they really spend on your resume, how they will screen it, whether keyword scanning is used and #1 thing bankers are looking for.
  2. The 7 secrets you need to design a resume that will stand out in bankers eyes. This single area can get your resume green lighted in seconds.
  3. The single best way to present your education section (you’ll even learn how to make your grades look better and your degree look more relevant to finance so that you’ll pass the ‘baby banker’ test).
  4. How to use the laws of psychology to persuade bankers that your work experience is amazing, even if it’s not.
  5. The only 4 types of skills and experiences bankers want to see in the final section of your resume – and how to use this section to differentiate yourself from other students (so you get picked ahead of them in ‘edge’ cases).
  6. The 12 biggest mistakes that could stop you from getting invited to interviews. These mistakes almost guarantee you’ll never get all the interviews you rightfully deserve, but luckily they’re easy to fix.
  7. The proven “Get Interviews” resume system for writing a resume bankers will love. Finally discover how to write an A+ resume by studying resumes that have collectively garnered 100s of interviews (including at bulge brackets).
  8. Word-for-word sample resumes and templates written with perfect English, so you can confidently deliver a standout resume…in less than an hour.

[Module 2]: Write a Killer Cover Letter

  1. If you’re struggling to fit all your experience into your cover letter, then you’ll learn how the ‘80-20 approach’ can be used to write your cover letter…fast.
  2. Plus you’ll see the 3 ways bankers use cover letters in today’s market to decide who to interview and who to reject (and once you know this you will know exactly what to write about).
  3. How to leave off more than 70% of the information in your resume, but still show bankers you have the educational and work experience to make it in banking, and are someone they would like to work with.
  4. Whether you should write the banker-favorite 2 paragraph cover letter versus the traditional play-it-safe 4 paragraph cover letter. Plus how to lay out your cover letter the way bankers demand.
  5. How to write about the 4 things bankers want to hear about, including the ‘I’m fantastic’ and ‘why I love you’ sections. Plus how to avoid wrapping up your letter in a creepy way…like most applicants do.
  6. Word for word cover letter examples that students just like you have used to get multiple interview invitations (and the secret psychology behind why they work). Simply copy, paste and adjust! A perfect cover letter in just 30 mins.

[Module 3]: Crush Your Interviews

  1. Trying to work out what exactly will happen during your interviews? No problem. We’ll reveal exactly who you will interview with (3 types) and what the interview will be about (4 types), so there are no surprises.
  2. 5 secret questions the banker interviewing you will ask themselves about you, that have little to do with banking skills but can decide your fate. The best part? Learn how to make them answer yes, yes, yes!
  3. How to dress for your interviews so you make a 10/10 first impression and don’t get laughed out the room…including the 3 biggest mistakes students make.
  4. Not a naturally confident speaker? We’ve got 9 strategies to help you answer interview questions with total confidence, even when you’ve never heard the question before.
  5. How to answer the #1 question in banking interviews, which you’ll get every single time. If you can crush this, you’ll be ahead of 80% of students.
  6. Proven AND unique word-for-word answers to the most important questions in banking, from “Why did you attend Harvard?” to “Why do you want a job at Goldman Sachs, and not Morgan Stanley?”.
  7. How to handle the trickiest questions bankers will ask, including mind-bending questions like “Would you accept an offer if I gave it to you right now?” or “Make me laugh”. (And how NEVER to answer these questions).
  8. Are you tired of studying financial modeling and 100s of technical interview questions? Learn how to answer the questions bankers actually ask in order to test out your smarts. Say goodbye to 100s of hours of needless study!
  9. Imagine if you could be a fly on the interview room wall…and you could see it unfold from start to finish. Well, we’re going to give you unprecedented access to interview transcripts, plus the interviewers’ honest feedback.
  10. The exact way to end your interviews, so you leave bankers with a strong last impression (and how to follow up with them so you stay front of mind, but don’t become annoying…and get blacklisted).

[Module 4]: Network With Bankers

  1. Warning – Over 60% of internship and full time offers go to students with insider connections…And that’s why ‘developing your network’ is one of the most important things you can do to land a job in banking.
  2. The PROVEN blueprint for turning bankers into friends. Get this right, and you’ll learn how to turn one-off encounters into professional relationships that can 10x your chances of breaking into banking.
  3. Plus, the truth about which students bankers like and which students they f**king hate – and the secret to never ending up on their blacklists.
  4. The secret to navigating networking events, including the infamous on-campus networking days. (You’ll learn how to get face time with bankers, impress them in just minutes, what to talk about and how to ‘make the ask’).
  5. How to use networking to make the second paragraph of your cover letter and 4 key interview answers stand out from the crowd (90% of students aren’t doing this!).
  6. The TRUTH about online networking…will social media really help you break into banking? We’ll show you the ins and outs of using it, and what to watch out for.
  7. What NEVER to say to bankers when networking. Find out the 8 dumbest things students do, and what’s sad is, they think “it’s okay”. You’ll see why it isn’t in this module. (Plus exactly what topics you should be talking about).
  8. Getting in contact with bankers is one of the trickiest things to get right…until you see word for word email scripts smart students use (and bankers respond to). We’ll show you what they are, how they work, and why.
  9. How to nail the #1 result of networking (aka informational interviews). If you’re from a non-target school or don’t have connections in banking already, this lesson can single handedly turn around your recruiting chances.

[Module 5]: Strategize Your Break In

  1. The easy-to-follow roadmap that will guide you from “How do I break into banking?” to “Where can I buy a box of Cohiba cigars to celebrate the first day of my internship mother f**kers?!” (The 60+ ‘make or break’ to dos revealed for the first time).
  2. The 21 qualities bankers look for in students. If any of these are missing from your resume or interview answers, your chances will plummet. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to show bankers that you have them…at every turn.
  3. What the MINIMUM education and work requirements are to break into banking. And nope, it’s not a 3.8 GPA from Harvard or internship experience from a BB. Instead, we’ll share the truth, including hard numbers.
  4. Confused by all the different resources out there devoted to investment banking? For every quality resource, there are 10 that suck. We’ll show you the list of winners and losers, so you can shave 40 hours off your prep.
  5. How to avoid spending all your weekends studying how to get into banking like we did as students. You’ll discover 7 things students devote hours to, but which don’t actually increase their chances of landing a job.
  6. 12 ways to break into banking when you miss out on offers during normal recruiting season…including 3 very unconventional ways. Get this right and you’ll still have a real shot at becoming an investment banker, no matter how bad recruiting conditions get.


We don’t just want to teach you how to break into banking. We want you to have fun doing it and make sure you take action! So we’ve got 5 huge bonuses in store for you, including…



The Internship VaultIn order to get over the Break Into Banking Line you need to turn in a 10/10 performance over your summer.  To help you do just that we’ve brought together our very best tips and tricks on how to look smart and get the work done all summer long.

Even better, we’ll show you how to make friends fast and fit into your team, so they want you to join them full time (and remember that this is the #1 way bankers decide who to extend full time offers to).



Recruiting Video LibraryAre you sick of reading dozens of blogs, ebooks and articles on how to break into banking?  We get it!  And so we’ve created an in-depth video library containing the very best lessons on IB recruiting.

Best of all, we illustrate every lesson on a virtual blackboard, so even the most complex topics are super easy to understand.



10+ Hour Audio CourseAre you a busy student with little time to sit down and study a course?  We’ve recorded a 10 hour audio course covering the most crucial recruiting tips and tricks.

So forget spending weeks or months trying to figure it all out. Instead, just grab your phone (and maybe a few beers) and over the space of one weekend you’ll know exactly how to break into banking.



Uncensored Interview Q&A TranscriptsUntil you get into the interview room, you never know what to really expect. You’re constantly in doubt, wondering what sort of questions will I actually get asked and how am I expected to answer them?  That\’s why we’ve brought together real student interviews so you can see the questions asked and the word-for-word answers.

Best of all, you’ll get to see exactly what the bankers thought of the answer, including where it went well and where the student f**ked up. Plus feedback on how to improve the answer, so it is pitch perfect!



A+ Samples, Templates, Worksheets & MoreYou can study how to break into banking all day long, but unless you take action, it will never happen.  Since this course is all about getting you over the Break Into Banking Line, we’ve created over a dozen practical resources to make sure you take action and get results.

Think perfect resume samples, copy-paste cover letter templates, bank research worksheets and much more.  Best of all, you’ll finally be able to get results in a matter of hours, not weeks.


Sure will. Most of the course is all about how to break into banking when you don’t have perfect grades, a brand name school, extensive work experience or insider connections. (You’ll learn how to get interviews and network your way into IB, plus alternative entry strategies). So if that’s you, sign up!
Definitely. In the course we’ll teach you how to navigate the traditional recruiting process step-by-step, including exactly how to take advantage of the perks that come with being from a target school.
Oh, how innocent. You think an Arts degree won’t quite make it in the world of banking. Actually, hang on. Normally you would be completely right! But these days you can parlay a BA into an internship as long as you know the 6 make or break recruiting skills…

…and if you know how to write and talk about your education and experiences in a way that appeals to bankers. (Something we’ll go in-depth on in modules 1, 2, 3 and 5).

If you’re studying an engineering, math or some other mildly IQ-necessary degree you’re golden. The course will help you. For example, we even have real life examples of how to make engineering work experience sound as convincing as internships in finance!

Definitely. For starters 80-90% of the recruiting tips and tricks work just as well in all the major IB recruiting regions, eg Canada, Hong Kong, Germany etc.

But more importantly, unlike most courses, the Break Into Banking System is the end product of bankers from all over the world. Sure our 5-man core team from USA, UK and Australia built most of the product. But with contributions from our friends and colleagues in 10+ other IB recruiting regions, this is a truly global product. Its designed to work for students from Singapore, Sweden and Spain for example, just as much as USA , UK and Australia.

That’s why roughly 45% of students who sign up for the course come from outside the USA/UK/AUS regions.

The answer is YES. You see, we designed this course to work for students of all ages. In fact, this course works even better when you have lots of time to not only learn the lessons, but also implement them.

Here’s why: in module 4, we’ll share the 21 qualities bankers look for in students applying and show you exactly how you can prove you have them. If you start working on accumulating the education, work experience and EC activities you need to prove them now, you’ll crush this.

Plus you can see how to get early work experience that you can leverage into a full blown investment banking internship.

(And don’t forget, the course closes to enrolment soon, so here’s your chance to lock in your membership…and remember you have lifetime access to it too, so you can come back to study it whenever you like over the coming months and years). So what are you waiting for?!

Kinda. Being straight up with you, we all broke into banking as undergrads, so we can’t say “we’ve been there, done that” when it comes to breaking in from an MBA position.

That said, 70-80% of the material is just as applicable for MBAs applying, eg how to write a resume bankers love or how to answer the most popular interview questions etc. Our advice is sign up and try it out for 30 days, and if you feel its not turbo charging your recruiting chances, ask for a refund. (As you’ll know from above, our refund policy is a guilt-free no-questions-asked one).

No f**king way. This course is for students so keen on breaking into banking that they’re ready to gun down Belfort’s 1980s Lemmon Quaalude stash Omar-in-The-F**king-Wire-RE-UP style in order to get in! If that’s not you, please unsubscribe from our list and go intern with PWC.
We’ve got great news. You have NOTHING to worry about.

The content for the Break Into Banking System is an entertaining mix of written, video and audio material. You can read and download it all whenever you like, and study at your leisure. No need to show up anywhere live.

Also, you can go through the course at your own pace. Because when you enroll today, you get lifetime access to all of the training material.

Right now, enrolment for the Break Into Banking System is open, but it will be closing shortly. Once it closes, I’m not sure when it will reopen.

But check this: If you enroll today, before it closes, when we later update the course and/or later increase the price, you’ll get all new material at no additional cost to you.

If you want to first just understand the basics of how to break into banking…ie the 80-20 lessons…you can master this in just 1 weekend. That’s because we created a special 80-20 guide to the course. It’s perfect for students with looming recruiting deadlines.

But if you have some more time up your sleeves, then you’ll want to go through all of the content (including the video library and audio course). And for that I’d set aside about 5 hours per week over the next month.

However, if you want to also start implementing all of the training material, and making use of all the templates, worksheets and scripts, so that you can really start increasing your chances of breaking into banking, it will require a bit more time.

You see, when we designed the course, we created it as an end-to-end system for landing a job in banking. And as you know, the more time you put into landing your dream job, the better your chances are.

Also, keep in mind, you get lifetime access. So, even if you have to put the course on pause, you can resume it whenever you like.

We’ve talked about this before, but to quickly recap…

If you fit into any of these categories the course is perfect for you;

If you’re an undergrad looking to land internships or FT offers – this course is perfect for you, because it will teach you THE 6 skills you need to beat the odds and get offers.

If you’re from a non-target school and trying to break into banking without perfect grades, brand name school, extensive work experience or inside connections – this course is perfect for you, because it will reveal exactly how to get interview and network your way into IB, plus alternative entry strategies.

If you’re lucky enough to be from a target school – this course is perfect for you, because you’ll discover how to navigate the traditional recruiting process step-by-step, including exactly how to take advantage of the perks that come with being from a target school.

If you’re from the US, UK or Australia – the 3 regions our team has worked in and knows best – this course is perfect for you, because you will benefit from expert in-country knowledge.

If you’re from outside these regions, this course is still perfect for you – because 80-90% of the recruiting tips and tricks work just as well in all the major IB recruiting regions, eg Canada, Hong Kong, Germany etc. But more importantly, unlike most courses, the Break Into Banking System is the end product of bankers from all over the world. Sure our 5-man core team from USA, UK and Australia built most of the product. But with contributions from our friends and colleagues in 10+ other IB recruiting regions, this is a truly global product. Its designed to work for students from Singapore, Sweden and Spain for example, just as much as USA , UK and Australia. That’s why roughly 45% of students who sign up for the course come from outside the USA/UK/AUS regions.

If you’re an overseas student trying to break into your host country’s investment banking industry, this course is perfect for you – because it will give you the A+ word-for-word samples you need to create 10/10 mistake-free resumes and cover letters, not to mention smart interview answers. Plus how to leverage overseas work experience into local job offers.

And remember…

…there’s a rock-solid 30 day guarantee. So, if you enroll in the course, and if you’re finding it’s not right for you, just email the support team within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund your payment 100%.


“It Helped Me Go Into My Interviews Relaxed And With Confidence, Because I Knew I Could Answer Any Question They Would Pose Me.


“I Bought Some Of BIWS Products And IIB Is Definitely More Specific To Banking Industry…”


“…I Made It Pass The Resume Screening Every Single Time At The Bulge Bracket Banks. And I’m Not Even From A Target School!”




When you sign up for the course today here’s exactly what you’ll get:


Introducing the Break Into Banking System

  • The Full Break Into Banking System. This includes access to all 5 modules (resumes, cover letters, interviews, networking and strategy). All the knowledge it took us 100s of hours, $1000s and mistake after mistake to learn. Plus what we’ve learnt since breaking into banking. Value $297
  • Access To The Internship Vault. This is where you will master the final ‘make or break’ recruiting skill and learn the secrets of how to get the $100,000+ full time return offer. Value $47
  • Complete Recruiting Videos Library. Here you’ll be able to watch over 8 hours of fast paced videos that teach you the biggest secrets to landing a job in banking. Value $67
  • 10+ Hour Audio Course. We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve assembled the very best recruiting lessons in the training course into one easy-to-listen audio course. Master the 80-20 secrets in just 1 weekend. Value $37
  • Uncensored Interview Q&A Transcripts. See word-for-word answers to the most popular fit & technical questions in banking. Plus step behind the scenes to discover exactly what bankers thought about the answers! Value $97.
  • Collection of A+ Samples, Templates & Worksheets. We’ve done all the hard work for you. Armed with these copy-paste resources you’ll be able to produce an A+ resume and cover letter in hours instead of weeks. Value $55
  • Lifetime Access, Free Updates & 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Enjoy all the benefits from future updates, plus test run the course over the next 30 days risk-free and see if it is for you.



If you have any questions about the course, please email…



guaranteeWe want you to be 100% happy with the Break Into Banking System. And if you’re not, no problem. Email our support team (support@insideinvestmentbanking.com) within 30 days and we’ll issue you a full refund. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through or anything.  So sign up for the course today and evaluate it over the next 30 days risk-free.

“IIB’s Guide And Service Have Perfected My Applications…as A Result, I Have Successfully Landed A Position Within A Large Bank.”