A few important things before we get started.


You’ve just invested considerable money into a Break into Banking product, you’re desperate to land a kick ass job in banking and you want to take massive action to make it happen.

Right now you are salivating at the mouth for some real, BS-free, insanely effective advice from a team of people that have broken into banking themselves.  You want to grab us by the collar and scream ‘gimme the good stuff mother f**ker!’.  And thankfully, we’ve got the goodness right here.

But before you can enjoy your hit Excel Junkie Monkey, we have 6 quick housekeeping matters to look at to your right, which will make sure you get the most out of the course (including guaranteeing you get access to all our future members-only emails).


  1. Welcome to the club!

    You’re in a similar position to us, just a few years ago.  Whilst we had no one to guide us, give us the time-saving shortcuts and to save us from making all the killer mistakes, you do!  And we want to welcome you to the club.  You made a great decision!

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  2. Please confirm your email address

    I know you just received several emails from us.  One with your password, one with the receipt, and one email asking you to confirm your email.

    You MUST confirm your email address, because that’s how we’ll communicate with you about new modules, course updates and more.

    Additionally, you might want to whitelist the email address, as all emails will come from here.

  3. Complete this quick 7-question survey (including secret reward)

    Now that you’re part of the Inside Investment Banking community we would love you to fill in this quick 7-question survey.

    It’s vital because it helps us get to know why you signed up for the course and this drives future content development.  And in true IIB-style let’s be real freaking honest here, your answers also help our marketing efforts, which is why we have a secret reward to give all members that take the time out to fill in the survey.  If you’re one of them, Amy will be in touch within 24 hours of you filling in the survey to give you your reward and show our thanks!

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  4. How the course works

    As you can see from the nav bar up top, the course is broken up across the 6 main recruiting skills and the multimedia (videos, audio, resources) you need to master to break into banking.

    Right now you will have access to all the modules for the 6 main recruiting areas, plus the video library and audio course.  So that’s where you should start.  Then in 10 days time you will also gain access to all the practical resources like interview transcripts, sample resumes etc.  The reason for this 2-step structure is 1) to ensure you first focus on learning and then focus on doing, and 2) you don’t get overwhelmed.

    Having worked with 1000s of students over the years, we know that if you try to skip the learning stage or try to tackle it all at once, you’ll quickly end up feeling worse than when you started and most of all, the results you get will be Alan Greenspan-esque…aka f**king terrible.

  5. What you should focus on TODAY

    Since the course is about as big as Blankfein’s bonuses, it can feel a bit overwhelming for students.  There’s only so much Ritalin and so much time to study it all.  So to help you get off to a flying start and get you focusing on the most important lessons…the 80-20…we’ve created a short guide to the ‘must study’ modules.  Prepare yourself for a little studygasm.

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  6. How to contact us for support

    If you have account problems, payment problems, or any other questions about the course, the BEST way to reach us is to email

    Amy and her team are quick to answer any questions you may have – usually replying within 12 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.