Your biggest questions on breaking into banking answered.


You probably have a lot of questions you’ve been dying to ask some bankers.  And I bet you’ve even tried asking them at events, emailing them to alumni or posting them in forums, only to get diplomatic BS answers (or no answers at all).

Well, to make sure you don’t start taking to tall buildings, we’ve collected the most popular questions we get asked, to your right.

When you click on them you’ll find the corresponding part of the course that goes about answering your question in-depth.


How cool would it be to kidnap a team of bankers, Alcatraz-them-up and then ply them with questions for days on end?

Let us save you the hassle (and serious felony charges), because below you’ll find all the big questions students ask us again and again, and the links to the respective lessons that answer them. Enjoy!

Resume Questions

Cover Letters Questions

Interviews Questions

Strategy Questions

Networking Questions

Internships Questions