Congratulations! You’re part of the club.


Congrats!  You’re now a part of the Inside Investment Banking community.

That means you’re going to finally get access to all the insider secrets you need to break into banking.  The type of information you just can’t find anywhere else…unless of course you take 5 bankers at gunpoint and hold them hostage for a few months in your parents moldy-ass Jersey basement.

Before you jump into the letter to your right, I just want to let you know that if you ever have a question or would like to see us add some specific material to the course, all you need to do is get in touch.

Richard Amy & the IIB Team

Richard, Amy & the Inside Investment Banking Team


First off, let me just say thank you for getting involved with Inside Investment Banking and being part of all of this.

It says a lot about you and what you’re demanding for your life and career.

You’ve made a significant decision, and investment, to do something most never will.  You’re taking steps that separate you from nearly everyone you’ll ever know (at least outside our small community).

By the end of this, you’ll know things that even a fraction of people that start down the same path never will: how to make bankers fall in love with you!

Before going any further I thought I’d just say that “I” which keeps popping up is me, Richard.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the head writer for Inside Investment Banking.

I’ve been put in charge of unifying all the ravings and rantings of the IIB team into some sort of cohesive whole. With double shot espresso my fuel of choice I sometimes fail at this, and for that I apologize.  But for the most part I’ve managed to faithfully distil the entire team’s advice and insider secrets into a very useful format.  And I hope you enjoy it!

Recruiting Sans Bullshit

In a previous life, I spent nearly all my waking hours studying every resource out there on how to break into banking. The majority of it was little more than a collection of high-priced platitudes.

Coming from this world of study hell, I have a nearly nonexistent tolerance for bullshit, waffle and weak advice.

It may work when you’re applying to some half rate chop shop in New Jersey, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we thought such advice could help you secure a high paying job in investment banking.

What you’re about to immerse yourself in is the same approach that consumed my mind – and the entire team – for a heck of a long time as students in college.  You are almost certainly following the same path, learning the same lessons, and seeking out the same tools and strategies to bring your banking dreams to life as we did when we were students.

Beyond our shared drives and capabilities, the only thing we’re bringing to the game is a significant head start that you can take advantage of.

Together with the team, I had more time to make the ridiculous, head-against-the-wall mistakes as a student, and I’ve wasted countless hours exploring the dead-ends and red herrings that infest the investment banking recruiting sea.

Most importantly, we did eventually turn our hard fought lessons into success, as we finally broke into banking.  And it’s the lessons we learnt doing this, and since in, that we’re going to share with you.

We’ve made it our job to save you frustration, pain, expense, and wasted energy that we wish someone had saved us.  We’ll bring you up to speed as directly and quickly as possible.  So as long as you do your part and execute the f*** out of it, together we’ll rock this.

We’re taking a blunt, pragmatic approach to all of this, and defining from the start what we’re doing and why.  We’ll keep the bullshit at bay, and if anything sets off your detector as we go – call us out on it.

Keeping things in perspective

One of the things I want to put out there early and often is this: what we’re doing isn’t complicated.

The majority of this isn’t groundbreaking.  It isn’t uncharted territory.  It isn’t invention, and it isn’t unreasonable.  It’s execution.  We are identifying the most direct means of establishing a career in investment banking, even in today’s changed world.

We aren’t wiping out world hunger, erasing racism, closing the poverty gap, hunting protesters hell-bent on our destruction, or anything else of that gravity. Keeping perspective is the secret to realizing…“Hey, this really isn’t that big of a deal.  Of course it can work if I put in the hard yards.”

What we’re doing is already being done by people just like you – and it’s been done by us.  We aren’t solving problems or inventing solutions – we are running the recruiting gauntlet with the freaking blueprint in hand and executing step-by-step.

In other words, provided you have the basics (good grades, some decent experience) don’t view any of this through the lens of “ifs” and “maybes”, but rather as an inevitability.

The BIB System doesn’t demand brilliance or ingenuity, so much as it demands execution.  For some of you that will mean 100 hours networking and doing unpaid internships, and for others that will mean 18 months straight of non-stop research, networking and calling in all manner of freaking favors.

But remember, this isn’t a dream or ideal – this is a very real goal, and you can get it if you hustle intelligently towards well-defined outcomes.

There is nothing standing in the way of you, and crushing it with recruiting – making the kind of money people will think you’re lying about if you were so tactless as to tell them.

Keeping things casual

I say that all for a reason: what we’re doing doesn’t warrant the somber sincerity of a sermon.

We’ve all grown bored with recruiters, bankers and other talking heads presenting their ideas as if they’re Moses coming down to deliver the Ten Commandments.

The hustle of building a banking career is ridiculously fun. Sure, it can feel like business bi-polar disorder, but the highs are worth chasing (eg a first rounder at Morgan Stanley), and the lows are rarely worth fearing (eg you miss out on getting MD Larry Larryson’s card).

Even at his/her lowest moment, an aspiring banker is still risking and doing more than most students will do on their best day.  The BIB System may be your gateway drug into a lifelong addiction of IB career development.  It’s a high you’ll chase for the rest of your banking life as you go from intern to analyst to associate to some golden freaking exit opp!

Starting now and through this entire course, we won’t take ourselves too seriously.

I’ll talk to you like I would a friend, brainstorming over drinks (and in the case of some tutorials, many drinks!) – since that’s exactly what we’ll be doing if we meet up sometime.

Simple! = Easy

Investment banking recruiting is actually simple, once it’s clearly sequenced and broken into clear steps.  That said, just because something’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

This is a world dominated by Harvard 4.0s and so landing a kick ass internship or analyst spot will require some blood, sweat and tears, aka extreme effort.  Fortunately, it’s enjoyable work and all the true heavy lifting has already been done by us.

Evolution and adaptation

Certain fundamental recruiting principles rarely change, or are at least slow to evolve.  So what’s true today may not be true tomorrow…but what worked yesterday will likely still work today.

Nothing we’ll cover should be considered static or stagnant.  We’ll never treat content as sacred gospel, unable to be revised.

Our material will inevitably evolve over time, based on further collaboration, experimentation, feedback and innovations that come from your side and ours.  Best practices are only best practices until they become outmoded by better practices.  As new methodologies, systems, and tools emerge, the Break Into Banking System will evolve.

Going forward, look at everything not in terms of whether it’s “right” or “wrong”, but instead – whether it’s “optimal”.  If it isn’t, we’ll adapt.

Enough jimmer jammer, let’s get your banking career on track.  Jump to Module 1: Investment Banking Resumes now.