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You’ll be able to go over it all 10 days after you signed up for the course.  From our experience this should give you enough time to learn the core ideas, before applying it all.

If you have any questions, please email us anytime.  Our team organizer, Amy, or one of her team, will get back to you within 12-24 hours, excluding weekends.


You will get access to this content 10 days after signing up.  Let’s explain…

As you can see from the nav bar up top, the course is broken up across the 6 main recruiting skills and the multimedia (videos, audio, resources) you need to master to break into banking.

Right now you will have access to all the modules for the 6 main recruiting areas, plus the video library and audio course.  So that’s where you should start.  Then in 10 days time you will also gain access to all the practical resources, like interview transcripts, sample resumes and much more.  The reason for this 2-step structure is 1) to ensure you first focus on learning and then focus on doing, and 2) you don’t get overwhelmed.

Having worked with 1000s of students over the years, we know that if you try to skip the learning stage or try to tackle it all at once, you’ll quickly end up feeling worse than when you started and most of all, the results you get will be Alan Greenspan-esque…aka f**king terrible.